Family photo session at your home

It was a cold, cold day... Snow gently covered lawns and trees... But inside... Inside was warm and cozy.

You can smell coffee and hear laughter.

It was a fantastic family photoshoot. I love coming to my client's houses... Not only because I want to check out their space ;P But, because they can get comfortable and relaxed. They got their furry friends with them, they are in their safe space.

I think taking family photos at your home makes it so special. One day you will move, or redecorate your whole house. It's nice to have photographs of your family in the space you spend the most of your time.

Pros of family photoshoot at home:

  • you don't have to go anywhere
  • you can't be late ;P
  • you have all the toys and snack for kiddos
  • easy outfit change
  • easy diaper change
  • your furry friends are with you
  • you can be warm and cozy
  • your kiddos are familiar with the space and are calmer and more comfortable
  • photos in bed!!! ( My favorite)

Cons of family photoshoot at home:

  • You have to hide the mess :)