Mental load and family photoshoot

Let's talk for a moment about a mother's mental load around a family photo session.

First, she needs to find a photographer, get in touch, and set up a date.

Choose the time that works for everyone, every nap, every meal, etc.

Then keep the kids healthy;)

Get matching outfits for everyone.

Get everyone snacks before, during, and after.

Get everyone ready. Get to the shoot on time.

Have a bag full of snacks, tissues, and toys.

Smile when kids run, cry and scream.

And not kill the husband during it all.

This is just a one-hour photoshoot. Look how much work has to be done.

After that, she is choosing photos, maybe printing holiday cards, and buying canvases and frames for their walls...

Again, this is all for one family photoshoot.

Can we all stand up and applaud these amazing mamas?

During this family photoshoot, this mama took out of her snack bag a red lollipop. Genius.

Take a look! These kids' photos came out great and are already framed and hanging in their apartment.