Timeless family photoshoot in Brooklyn Heights

This is the review from the client after

"Dorota just feels it! We were blessed to have a newborn session with her and another family session two years later and cannot imagine anyone else understanding us so well! Thank you for your talent!".

She felt like I understand them and I got them because I simply captured them the way they are.

I don't stage. This allows the family to relax, have fun, and be themselves, which allowed me to truly capture the family.

We were walking around Brooklyn Heights, drinking coffee, and eating croissants. But, what I was really doing was capturing this family as they are. The goofiness, the bad moods ( that's why we got croissants;p), the love, and joyfulness. They were simply enjoying their walk.

It was a really relaxed and stress-free family photoshoot despite hungry toddlers and lots of people on the streets.