Engagement photoshoot in DUMBO

This engagement photoshoot was fully done on a film camera, Rolleiflex. I shot it, developed the film, scanned it, and some photos were even printed in the darkroom. I LOVED IT. As you can tell I didn't have kids then;) Because this all takes time!

6x6 film has only 12 shots per roll. You think before you shoot, carefully find the moment... It makes you pay more attention, and be more sensitive to your surroundings, emotions, and moments. I apply the same system when I shoot digital. I'm constantly looking for the light, moment, or emotion. I do not create. I do not blindly take photos.

When you start with film cameras you just see the world differently.

It also gives time for people a front of me to relax... You wait for me to get it ready (I'm ready, just pretending) you get distracted, relaxed, and boom I got a perfect shot of you, not your perfect smile.