Behind Dorota Micali Photography is this crazy family!

(So, if I don't answer your email right away, now you know why;p)

Being apart from my family in Poland and making a new one in New York City thought me how precious photographs are. It's important to me to show through my photography a slice of your life.

I love photographing people and emotions that are part of their life. I want to capture these moments of happiness, love, joy, fun, tears, and everything in between. I want to give people proof of their past, of these transitory moments that we so often forget or miss. Being far from my family in Poland makes me more aware of time passing and people changing. I know how meaningful these photographs are because sometimes it's all we have. 

It's important for me to meet with you and spend as much time as possible before your wedding, this way we can get to know each other and get comfortable around each other. That's why I included an engagement shoot in the package. So when the big day arrives I'm not only your photographer but your friend. I will calm you down, make you laugh, fix a broken shoe, give you more wine or take it away;)

My favorites are destination weddings when I spend time with you and your family, I will even sleep on your couch so I can see and capture you in your "natural habitat".

If you think I'm what you are looking for drop me a line and let's talk about your wedding and see if we connect! 


Saraf & Jamil

“We were lucky to have found Dorota for our wedding day. She not only captured every detail of our wedding beautifully but also became such a great part of our big day. She met with us before the wedding for our engagement shoot to get to know us as a couple, and we instantly got along! She went out of her way to capture all those spontaneous special moments, and none of it was posed or directed. She has such an artistic eye and incredible photographic talents and knew all the best places to t”

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