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Behind Dorota Micali, Photography is this crazy family!

(So, if I don't answer your email right away, now you know why ;p)

I moved to New York City in 2009. Being apart from my family in Poland and making a new one here in Brooklyn thought me how precious photographs are.

It makes me more aware of time passing and people changing. I know how meaningful these photographs are because sometimes it's all we have. That's why it's important to me to show through my photography a slice of your life.

I love photographing people and the emotions that are part of their life. I want to capture these moments of happiness, love, joy, fun, tears, and everything in between. I want to give people proof of their past, of these transitory moments that we so often forget or miss.

My pictures are never staged; instead, they document time as it happens. This approach allows the atmosphere to exist in the photograph and the sensations felt at the moment to be felt again. Nothing is more precious than remembering our celebrations or the beauty of childhood. These situations are dynamic and uninterrupted and my photography doesn’t seek to slow them down, only to hold on to an instant.

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Fact 1

I love stand up comedy, sarcasm, and dark humor. On top of it all I'm a dork.

Now, you know what to expect during our photoshoot :)


Fact 2

I used to work in Real Estate in New York City and I hated it.

It's very important for me to build a relationship with my clients. In real estate it was only about the deal. It was not enough for me. I want the connection. I want to photograph you through your whole life.


Fact 3

I have a master in Psychology.

No, that doesn't mean that our photo session will change into therapy session! I've just always liked people and was interested in them, in their stories. Photography allows me to see their story, be part of it, and capture it. It feels really special to me.


Fact 4

I love hiking, camping, sitting by the fire. Brooklyn will always be my home, but I love escaping it and relaxing in nature.

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Lilian & Kayne

“Dorota Micali Photography is amazing! She understood what we needed - more documentary-style photography with an artistic approach. She was super approachable and friendly so the guests all had fun while she was taking the candid shots. She was so attentive to details and accommodating, which made my planning and actual wedding so perfect! I definitely recommend anyone to work with her!”

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