Tips On How To Get Ready For An In-Home Newborn Photo Session

Woohoo! Congratulations, you had a baby! You made it and now you’re embracing the craziness of having a newborn at home. Sleepless nights, laundry everywhere, constant cuddles, and take-out nightly. Someone recommended an in-home newborn photoshoot, you look around and you can not imagine it could be possible. But, I got you. I have a few, simple tips that will make this process easy and allow you to have beautiful photographs of your new baby. Let’s start, shall we?

How To Plan An in-home newborn photoshoot

Find the photographer that you like and schedule the photoshoot

When you’re feeding the baby at 3 am that’s a good time to check out your local newborn photographers. It’s very important to find a photographer with the style you like. Send them a note and hopefully, everyone gets some sleep after. It’s important to schedule the photo session within the first 4 weeks of the baby’s life so you can really capture the newborn stage. I find the best time for an in-home newborn session around 11 am. That’s a good time in case everyone sleeps in, then gets ready, and hides the mess. I’m flexible with the time for the newborn shoot, tho. I know nights are unpredictable and if you email me at 5 am and ask to move to shoot to 2 pm or the next day, I will do it. My goal is to make the newborn photoshoot fun and relaxing.

Choose a couple of outfits for you and the baby

Yes, it will get messy, so let’s be prepared! I’m happy to help with different outfits and choices. My newborn photoshoot is 2 hrs long because accidents happen. There is a feeding break, nap break, and “someone pooped” break”. Having 2 hrs allows us to change outfits, take breaks, and don’t feel stressed about any of this.

Clean up your space

I know, no one wants to hear it. But, we have to hide some stuff. I’m all in about embracing the mess, but I know that when you look at the photos it will bother you. You don’t need to hire a cleaning person. Just tidy up a bit. I will try my best to take photos so you don’t see the mess. I also will move things around in your place to get better light or shots. But, I always move everything back, I promise.

During an in-home newborn photoshoot

When I’m photographing families with a newborn at their homes, I make sure to make the whole experience smooth, easy, and fun. You don’t have to worry about anything. We have plenty of time, I will get you in good light and great pose. Most of the time I just witness and photograph your time with the baby. We hang out in your bedroom, we walk around, snuggle on the couch. It’s actually a very calm photoshoot. There is no rush, there is no stress.

What to expect after an in-home newborn photoshoot?

Within a week after our newborn photo session, you will receive an online gallery. You can share that gallery with your friends and family. From there you can buy digital files, prints, and photo books (great gift for grandparents). It’s a great place to get quality products.

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