Lilian & Kayne | Weekend wedding in Redwoods, California

This was an amazing destination wedding in California. I came from New York to San Francisco on Thursday evening. I met the closest family and slept on bride & groom couch:) This way I was able to photograph their first apartment and get the family comfortable around me.Everyone started to arriving to Redwoods, California on Friday in the afternoon. There were guests from around the wolrd. There was a fire in the evening and everyone was mingling and having fun. Saturday was full of activities as well! Before wedding guests took hikes, had games or simply relaxed.

When it was time to start getting ready for the wedding, the bridesmaids made bouquets for bride and tables from chrysanthemums.I loved how everyone was so relaxed, calm and just having a good time! The ceremony in the woods was absolutely stunning.One of the biggest reasons why I like destination weddings is because I come early and meet everyone. That allows me to build a connection that later in a day let em photographs family and guests in more relaxed and fun way. People trust me more and feel comfortable around me.

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